Research topics
The Fast Marching algorithm is very similar to the Dijkstra algorithm that finds the shortest paths on graphs, though it is applied to continuous media. The research focuses on how to improve these trajectories.
The research in stable walking of humanoid robots is in general non-solved problem. Our research deals with the implementation of stable gait on 12 DOF Rh-0 and Rh-1 bipedal locomotion system.
The main objective of this research area is learning how to identify the hand to manipulate objects without human interaction.
The main objective of this research area is the development of manipulation abilities for the Gifu Hand III, including grasping and learning.
Humanoid robot is complex system that must be carefully designed. Development of a hardware architecture is the first step to the integrated control system of a humanoid robot.
La interacción humano robot basada en diálogos es un campo de investigación amplio, entre los que se incluyen la interacción multimodal, esto es la interacción basada en voz, visión, tacto e inclusive otros modos. En nuestro grupo de investigación est
This research area deals with the development of a robotic head for the robot Rh-1. The head will be equipped with various sensors, such as cameras, microphones etc.
The humanoid robot bipedal locomotion requires computationally advanced and efficient algorithms to solve both, the global navigation with obstacle avoidance and the local mechanics movements problems.