Humanoid head design
Updated: 19 December 2014 - 12:00pm by C. Balaguer
This research area deals with the development of a robotic head for the robot Rh-1. The head will be equipped with various sensors, such as cameras, microphones etc.
This research line forms a part of a bigger project, the Rh-1

This research line forms a part of a bigger project, the Rh-1. Rh-1 is a humanoid robot that will be able to automomously walk and interact with persons. The head is in the development phase and we are using a dummy toy head as a substitute in the photos.


When we are saying "head" we do not necessarily mean that everything will be put in the head. We are speaking about the sensory system of the robot in general. The head itself will contain a network camera and an array of microphones, and the CPU to process all the data will be located in the body of the robot. There will also be some other sensors that may probably include a laser distance meter, gyroscopes and accelerometers. We are currently researching in this field.


Right now there are several jobs being done: the development of algorithms to process images from the camera, the development of the DSP card for the microphones, the development of a voice recognition system as well as some other work.


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