Alumni Success Stories

Paolo Pierro

Electronics Trackside Team Leader, Ferrari Formula1 Team

Dr. Paolo Pierro is now Electronics Trackside Team Leader for Ferrari Formula1 team. His responsibility is to create a virtual bridge between Trackside Electronics and Control Engineers and Research and Development Department located in Maranello. Formerly he was Resident Control Engineer of the F1 team..

Paolo entered in Ferrari in 2012 as an Electronics Engineer for testing benches, being in charge of evaluating new hardware and software components before their integration in the car. In 2014, he moved directly to the race experience, being the Ferrari Power Unit Electronics Engineer for Marussia and – since 2015 – for Sauber team.

During these years he had a key role in the interface between customer teams and Ferrari for the Power Unit Electronics Software and Hardware.

Working in a racing team – and in Ferrari even more – requires many special skills and competences: courage to challenge, communication skills, problem solving, collaboration in team and decisive thinking. RoboticsLab can really cultivate the students providing them with these abilities.

Paolo entered the RoboticsLab in 2006, as a fresh graduate in Electronics Engineering with a strong theoretical background, but with no real hands-on experience.

At the RoboticsLab, his research focus has included many aspects of Control Engineering: Nonlinear Systems, Robotic Systems and System Modelling, among others. In particular, he dedicated his studies to humanoid robots intended to collaborate with humans in several working environments. An important effort was given to the humanoid structure balance. The modelling and control for so complex systems gave Paolo a strong background he needed at a later time.

But RoboticsLab is not only pure technology: studying and working in RoboticsLab means living the RoboticsLab attitude: an international, critical and exciting environment helps people in increasing their curiosity, development and analytical skills.

Miguel González-Fierro

Data Scientist and AI, Microsoft UK

My name is Miguel Gonzalez-Fierro and I was born in Madrid, Spain. I work as a Data Scientist at Microsoft UK. My job consists on helping customers to leverage their processes by using Bid Data and Machine Learning.

Before joining Microsoft I was the CEO and founder of Samsamia Technologies. We created a visual search engine for fashion items that allows to find products using images instead of words. Before that I was founder of the Robotics Society of Universidad Carlos III where we developed different projects related to UAVs, mobile robots, small humanoids competitions and 3D printers. I also worked as a robotics scientist at Robotics Lab at Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) and King's College London (KCL). Here you have my web page from UC3M and from KCL.

I hold a MSc. in Electrical Engineering, Msc. in Robotics and a PhD. in Robotics. My lines of research were machine learning, computer vision, kinematic and dynamic control of humanoid robots, learning from demonstration and reinforcement learning. I mostly worked with the humanoid HOAP-3. This is my youtube channel where you can find videos of some of the experiments in my research. I also have a blog where I talk about machine learning, artificial intelligence and technical businesses.

Diego Fernández

Founder and president of ARQUIMEA

Diego Fernández is the founder and president of Arquimea. In 2005 he founded Arquimea, a technology company applied to the space sector, from a patent based on shape-memory alloy (SMA) technology. Fifteen years later, he manages a technology group present in sectors such as Space and Industry, Biotechnology, Transport, Defence and Security or Fintech. Kaudal, a company of which Diego Fernández is also Chairman, is the brand that represents the group's value proposition in the Fintech sector.

He is a Telecommunications Engineer and PhD in Robotics from the Carlos III University of Madrid, author of several patents and has received several awards in recognition of his career as an engineer and entrepreneur. The latest was awarded by Forbes magazine, which considers him one of the 100 most creative minds in business in Spain.