Assistive robot for National Paraplegic Hospital of Toledo
Start year: 2006 - End year: 2009

Project performs live experimentation of ASIBOT robot in clinical environment of the National Paraplegic Hospital of Toledo (HNPT) in daily operations: tooth cleaning, etc. Final objective is the development of ASIBOT2...

Service robots upgrading urban standards of living
Start year: 2006 - End year: 2009
Funder: Madrid Community

The RoboCity2030 is a coordinated project of six major researcher labs of the Madrid Community. It is coordinated by RoboticsLab and deals with the integration of service robots in order to increase the citizens?quality...

Analyse d'aspect automatique
Start year: 1998 - End year: 2008
Funder: PSA Peugeot Citroen

The PSA Peugeot Citröen collaboration goal is focused on two lines: teaching duties and a general technical support. Nowdays, colaboration is especified in the project Analyse d'Aspect Automatique, consisting of an...

Multidimensional city: Intelligent tuneling
Start year: 2005 - End year: 2008
Funder: Proyecto Strategico Singular

The project deals with the robotization of underground construction. It is funded under the call of singular and strategic industrial projects. The main objetcive is transformation of the actual tunnelling machines (TBM)...

Design and control of a biped robot using passive control techniques
Start year: 2006 - End year: 2008
Funder: CICYT

The objective of this project is the development a natural size biped robot as light as possible and with a few number of degrees of freedom. Existing humanoid robots have a high number of degrees of freedom that in most...

Satellite recovery by robotic systems using computer vision
Start year: 2005 - End year: 2008
Funder: CDTI

The aim of this Project is to develop strategies and techniques that can used for the capture of satellites by robotics manipulators using computer vision. The results are directly applicable to robot visual servoing in...

Open building manufacturing
Start year: 2005 - End year: 2008
Funder: EU 6th Framework Programme

The industry driven goal of the ManuBuild project (6FP EU IP project under NMP priority) is to create a new paradigm for building production by combining efficient manufacturing in factories & construction sites, and...

Peer to Peer Robot-Human Interaction
Start year: 2005 - End year: 2008
Funder: CICYT

The goal of this project is to develop personal social robots with a high degree of autonomy. The robot?s behaviour will be based on their own impulses and motivations.