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Start:2010 / End:2013
Principal investigator: Miguel A. Salichs
Centre for Industrial Technological Development
Technologies for automated and intelligent management of energy distribution networks of the future.

The Project is focused on the design of a robot for the inspection of wind turbine blades Energos inside the Energos general framework.

Energos is a research project for the development of knowledge and technologies to advance the implementation of smart grid electricity distribution (Smart-Grid). The main characteristic of these networks is the ability to integrate and manage, in real time, the actions of the users that are connected to it generators, consumers and those are both things at once, in order to get electrical supply efficient, safe and sustainable.

Within the Energos project one of the tasks consist of the design of a robot for the inspection of wind turbine blades. The proposal includes all subsystems and components that are considered necessary for subsequent detailed design.

Among the subsystems are provided:

  • Hardware design
  • Drive system
  • System control and communications
  • Sensor system
  • User Interface
  • Security systems
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