Robotics Lab participation in Eurosim 2019 (Logroño)

Our colleague Juan G. Victores recently presented several works with the latest advances in Machine Learning by our research group at the Eurosim 2019 conference in Logroño:

David Estevez presented "Towards Clothes Hanging via Cloth Simulation and Deep Convolutional Networks", with advances towards teaching our humanoid robot TEO how to hang garments autonomously.

Raul Fernandez presented "Quick, Stat!: A Statistical Analysis of the Quick, Draw! Dataset", a thorough analysis of the Quick, Draw! dataset to shed light about the composition and integrity of the dataset.

Jennifer Gago, presented "Sequence-to-Sequence Natural Language to Humanoid Robot Sign Language", improving their previous works on automatic translation from natural language to sign language. This work was a collaboration with the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).