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Robotics Lab Researcher / Teaching Assistant / Open Source Contributor / UC3M Student Robotics Society Leader

PhD - UC3M / Master in Robotics and Automation - UC3M / Industrial Engineer - Universidade de Vigo

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[2015/02/19] JCR Journal paper accepted: "Past, Present and Future of Robotic Tunnel Inspection", Automation in Construction.

[2014/09/03] JCR Journal paper accepted: "Humanoid Robot Imitation through Continuous Goal-Directed Actions: An Evolutionary Approach", Advanced Robotics. [pdf]. [bib].

[2014/07/15] Presented my Phd Thesis: "Robot Imagination System". [pdf].

[2014/01/13] ICRA paper accepted: "Action Effect Generalization, Recognition and Execution through Continuous Goal-Directed Actions", IEEE ICRA2014. [PDF]. [online]. [bib].

[2013/06/30] IROS paper accepted: "Towards Robot Imagination Through Object Feature Inference", IEEE/RSJ IROS2013. [PDF]. [online]. [bib]. (feat. in FAST COMPANY and ABC).

[2013/06/30] IROS paper accepted: "Adaptive Collision-Limitation Behavior for an Assistive Manipulator", IEEE/RSJ IROS2013. [online]. [bib].

[2012/08/28] JCR Journal paper accepted: "Flexible Field Factory for Construction Industry", Assembly Automation. [online]. [bib].

[2011/12/05] JCR Q1 Journal paper accepted: "Experience acquisition simulator for operating microtuneling boring machines", Automation in Construction. [PDF]. [online]. [bib].

[2011/07/22] JCR Q1 Journal paper accepted: "Personal Autonomy Rehabilitation in Home Environments by a Portable Assistive Robot", IEEE-SMC:C. [online]. [bib].

[2010/12/09] JCR Q1 Journal paper accepted: "Robot-aided tunnel inspection and maintenance system by vision and proximity sensor integration", Automation in Construction. [PDF]. [online]. [bib].

[2010/10/08] Presented my Master Thesis: "Software Engineering Techniques Applied to Assistive Robotics: Guidelines & Tools". [online]. [bib].

[2009/09/07] Teaching Assistant at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) Leganés, Spain.
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