Development of the humanoid robot for cooperative tasks with humans
Start year: 2005 - End year: 2007
Funder: CICYT

Rh-1 project has two main objectives: 1) the mechanical redesign of the humanoid robot Rh-0, developed in the previous project, and 2) equipment of the robot with powerful sensorial system in order to performe autonomous...

International Virtual Laboratory on Mechatronics
Start year: 2004 - End year: 2006
Funder: EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme

The aim of this project is to set up a virtual and remote laboratory on robotics, mechatronics and telematics between several universities, profiting by equipment and resources of the universities: JMUW (Germany), AU (...

Integrated system of assisted mechatronic design for oriented computer to...
Start year: 2003 - End year: 2006
Funder: CYCIT

The main objective of this project is the development of a system that automates the service robot design process, (non available in the market). The design will be from different points of view: electro-mechanical,...

Martian dust wiper
Start year: 2005 - End year: 2006
Funder: Center for Astrobiology, INTA

The objective of the project was to develop an extremely light wheight mechanism able to maintain free of dust the surface of a set of UV sensor to operate in Mars. The actuation mechanism is based in a SMA wire and the...

Control Fraccionario de Procesos Industriales
Start year: 2002 - End year: 2006
Funder: Junta de Extremadura

Control Fraccionario de Procesos Industriales

Personal robotic assistant
Start year: 2003 - End year: 2005
Funder: CICYT

The goal of this project is to develop personal robots, that could act as pets and as domestic assistants. Some of the research areas are: oral communication, human-machine interfaces based on emotional behaviours and...

Flexible mechatronic assistive technology system to support persons with...
Start year: 2001 - End year: 2004
Funder: EU 5th Framework Programme

The MATS robot, developed in its entirety by the Robotics Lab of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid as part of the IST European Union project, aims to provide people  independence in their own home. The development of...

Satellite recognition and inspection via relative autonomous navigation
Start year: 2002 - End year: 2004
Funder: CICYT

This project deals with Satellite Autonomous Relative Navigation based on computer vision. It consists fundamentally in studying the solutions to the pertinent problems associated to autonomous relative navigation, aimed...