EU-JP Construct
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Start:1995 / End:2007
Principal investigator: Carlos Balaguer
European Union - Japan R&D construction consortium

The consortium coordinates R&D activities of the European Union and Japan in the field of construction automation, appointed by global international IMS (Intelligent Manufacturing Systems) program. Since 1995 periodical working meetings had been performed

Since 1995 periodical working meetings had been performed, in order to coordinate research and exchange results. The meeting had commonly semester periodicity, being the two lasts ones in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Jeju (Korea). The selected EU and Japanese R&D projects in the field of automation and robotization of construction industry, mainly building construction, have several common activities. The work started with IF7 (J) and FutureHome (EU) projects and then continues with IF7 II (J) and ManuBuild (EU) projects. The coordination from Japanese side is performing by lead Japanese construction companies: Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Kajima Corporation, Shimizu Corporation and Hazama Corporation. From EU side the coordinators are Corus, Technical University of Munich and RoboticsLab of the University Carlos III of Madrid.

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