Yesterday Concha Monje stirred up the audience in the TED Talk she performed. Among other topics she explained the basics of soft robotics. You can see the presentation on this link.
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6 October 2020
Unmanned Traffic Management 4D Path Planning Technologies for Drone Swarm to Enhance Safety and Security in Transport, LABYRINTH, was approved by the European Commission. The project is coordinated by the Robotics Lab and belongs to the Horizon 2020 Programme. The Kick-off-Meeting of the project...
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25 July 2020
For the third time in a row the Robotics Lab is organizing a IROS 2020 workshop on soft robotics (IROS 2020 Workshop on New Advances in Soft Robots Control). You can get more information here.
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15 June 2020
IROS2020 Tutorial Review on screw theory & geometric robot dynamics is being organized by J. M. Pardos y Alberto Jardón ( <br>
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8 June 2020