TEO humanoid of the RoboticsLab has mastered the fingerspelling alphabet of sign language, as well as a very basic vocabulary related to household tasks. The deaf people who have been in contact with the robot have reported 80 percent satisfaction, so the response has been very positive. Read more...
Submited by C. Balaguer
9 July 2019
Concha Monje has been endowed with the Third Woman and Technology award by Fundación Orange. You can see the whole info in this link.
Submited by E. Silles
8 March 2018
Last Tuesday our robot TEO was featured on the nine o’clock news on TVE’s La 1 channel. You can see the news in this link (0:41:11).
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16 November 2017
Concha Monje has been selected as one of the best 11 players in national scientific team by Quo magazine. You can see the full info here.
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27 October 2017