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Updated: 2018-02-07
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Considerable experience and a proven track record of remarkable results for the international utility industry: developing change management projects and new initiatives of Sustainability, creating value with the management of innovation projects portfolio (Europe and Latin America), reaching energy markets operations goals both physical and financial (Spain, U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands), designing new businesses (power tolling agreements, trading operations, energy control centers), complying with new plants commissioning planning (Portugal, Chile), and meeting power generation targets (Spain). Demonstrated executive abilities for Project Management and Team Leadership (multidisciplinary and multinational), achieving strategic objectives.

He got his PhD in systems engineering from the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), where he has been an associate professor in the Systems Engineering & Automation Department. He researches production systems, industrial automation, and ROBOTICS. He has worked in some national programs on robotics and has published about robot mechanics. Besides, he has organised and lectured several tutorials at international conferences (e.g., IEEE/RSJ IROS2018 and 2020) in screw theory in robotics. In addition, he has several publications on robotics (e.g., "Screw Theory in Robotics, CRC Press, 2021).

Today he is head of DIGITAL Program PMO of the "eCity" projects (eCitySevilla & eCityMálaga). Coordinating the participation of public administrations, PCT technology park, member companies, and projects.

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