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Why the Robotic? The Robotic gives me the chance
to study the human mind and his behavior.

About Me

All this began 450km from here, in san Sebastián,
a beautiful city in the Basque Country. There, I studied Computer
Science Engineering at the San Sebastián Faculty of Computer Science
(University of the Basque Country). After that and with the aim of extending
my knowledge and of acquiring a wider vision of my professional future,
I studied a master degree in Telecommunications at the Engineering School
in Bilbao (University of the Basque country). When I finished my practices
(in 2001), I came to work and live to Madrid. Here I started to work
in the company called NCR developing systems of detection of fiscal fraud
based on Artificial Neural Networks and Evolutionary Algorithms for the
Spanish Tributary Agency. Since May 2003 I?m doing my Ph.D. degree in the
Robotics Lab at the Carlos III University of Madrid. My area of investigation
is the Artificial Vision applied to the Human- Robot interaction.

No matter if you have entered this page by error or if you have done it
consciously, I hope you?ll find it interesting enough to contact me, I will
be very pleased to receive any suggestion or commentary by mail:

Pacheco Goñi

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