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Javier Sevilla Salcedo works as a researcher at the Systems Engineering and Automation Department, Carlos III University of Madrid. He received his B.Sc. in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering at University of Jaén and later the M.Sc. in Robotics and Automation at Carlos III University of Madrid. Currently, he is a Ph. D. student in the Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation program.

In addition to his academic achievements, he has gained practical experience in the field. He has worked for a robotics and automation company in the automotive industry, where he had the opportunity to apply his knowledge in real-world settings. Moreover, he has dedicated over four years to research in automation, robotics, social robotics, and NLP, working in two research labs. His bachelor's thesis involved designing, developing, and constructing a robotics guitar tuner, showcasing his hands-on expertise. For his master's thesis, he focused on developing various NLP applications for social robots, further improving his skills in this area.

His research field is primarily related to Natural Language Processing, but it also includes Social Robotics, Deep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Robot Perception and Cognitive Robotics.

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