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Hi to everyone!,

This is my personal page so, hopefully, you will find some useful, or not, information about me. Right now, I am an assistant proffesor at the Department of System Engineering and Automation. My research is oriented to a decision making system based on motivations and emotions for autonomous robots. I am getting quite emotional lately.

But my story actually began many years ago. I was born in Tenerife, Canary Islands, a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean. I grew up there, and did my degree in Physics Science at La Laguna University. After finishing my degree, in 1999, I decided to move to London for two years to study at Imperial College of London. In October 2001, I become a MSc in Control Systems and, in April of 2002, I had the possibility of doing a PhD here at the Carlos III University, and as you can guess... I accepted!. After presenting my PhD in 2007, I am still here working hard...

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