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Alberto Jardón Huete finished his Ph.D. degree in Electric, Electronics and Industrial Automation Engineering (2006). He received his B.Sc. in electronics engineering (1998) and is graduated in Electrical Engineering (2002) at University Carlos III of Madrid. He is an active member of the Robotics Lab since 1997, and has collaborated in the development of the climbing robots ROMA I, ROMA II, MATS (also named ASIBOT). He has been involved also at GEOST-Cuidad Multidimensional, I3CON (EU) and several Tuneling & minning projects funded by several industrial clients and European and National fundings. Actually his research work is focused on different projects to apply robotics technologies from underground, building, and aerospace industries.
He is also responsible of the Assistive Robotics Technologies Lab at the PCT link. He is also focused in the design and development of professional and personal robotic devices for autonomy restoration, such as light weight service robots, technical aids and the development of applied algorithms and design of custom controllers. His interests include assistive robotic design, mechatronics, research in advanced "user in the loop" control schemes to improve usability and performance of domestic robots. The development of tools to perform this research and the transfer of robotics technology to industry also fit to his priorities. IEEE senior membre form 2013.

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