BADGER EU project press release

Over the past few years we have seen notable developments in ground (e.g. humanoids and rovers), aerial (e.g. drones) and underwater robotics (e.g. ROVs). Presently, however, we are on the verge of witnessing another defining technological development of high social and economic impact; BADGER, a new type of robot that will integrate a sensor and control unit able to perform autonomous underground navigation.

Robotics and jobs: Robotics Lab featured at TV report

In this report in Antena 3 Carlos Balaguer stated that robots will create new jobs that do not exist today and we can't imagine now. "Many jobs will be created in this area such as engineers programming, maintaining and distributing robots, lawyers writting laws addressing ethical issues..." said Balaguer.

See this report here.

Maggie, main character of a sci-fi short film

A recently published short film with the collaboration of the UC3M Robotics Lab, the Office of Scientific Information (UC3M) and the Arts Center at UC3M (and the support of the FECYT, MINECO) is starring our robot Maggie. La Conciencia Dormida, The sleeping consciousness,is the title of this reflection on artificial intelligence and Asimov's laws of robotics.