IROS 2018 was present in Vancouver

The General Chair of IROS 2018 presented in Vancouver the next 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018) to be held in Madrid. Carlos Balaguer showcased the main streghts of Madrid as the hosting city as well as the ones of the venues for the conference and the social events. Also IROS2018 had a booth to inform and endorse attendees to participate in the IROS conference in Madrid. There Rebeca Izquierdo, Eduardo Silles, Juan Carlos González, Alberto Jardón, Juan Miguel García Haro and David Estévez teamed up to endorse the 2018 conference.

Robotics Lab was present in Global Robot Expo 2017

The Robotics Lab participated In this second edition of Global Robot Expo. Some of our robots were showcased by staff members on the RoboCity2030 booth.
Global Robot Expo combines an exhibition of the latest technologies applied to robotics with conferences of internationally renowned speakers. It aims to be a meeting point between companies, researchers and investors.
The Robotics Lab was official partner in this event.

Prof Balaguer presents the future Humanoids

Prof. Carlos Balaguer presents the future the Humanoid robot at the recently held in Madrid 1st international Global Robot Expo ( He presents the recent advances in Humanoid Robots, the highest exponent of modern robotics. Currently they are full-size and can perform various complex tasks such as walking, sitting, manipulation objects and tools, driving machines, interact with humans, etc.


13th WorkShop RoboCity2030: EU projects by the consortium

RoboCity2030 promotes robotics science and technologies in numerous human-centred applications in metropolitan areas, as well as in country sites. The strong synergies created by the main partners and more than 20 associated partners, from industry, allow the development of dozens of innovative projects and knowledge transfer programs.