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Topological navigation of mobile robots
Start year: 2000 - End year: 2002
Funder: CICYT
The objective of this project was the development of an architecture for the control of mobile robots (Automatic-Deliberative ,AD) and its aplication to topological navigation.
Factory automation of pre-fab GRC pieces for construction industry
Start year: 2000 - End year: 2002
Funder: DRACE S.A. (ACS group)
The objective of the project was the automation of all the manufacturing process of the GRC pre-fab pieces factory: lay-out, transportation, spying, storage, etc. The daily operations are planned and supervised with result of 30% increase the productivity
Housing for Europe in the next century: Affordable, high quality...
Start year: 1999 - End year: 2002
Funder: EU 5th Framework Programme
The FutureHome project is part of the global R&D program IMS (EU + Japan + Canada). The project had the objective of development a modular robotics construction technology for residential housing. The On-site robotics is the core part of the projects.
Innovative Educational Concepts for Autonomous and Teleoperated...
Start year: 1999 - End year: 2003
Funder: European Union - USA
IECAT is a tele-education project where seven universities in the United States and Europe co-operate to set up a virtual international laboratory for control experiments related to aerospace and robotics
Multiple autonomous self-supported low-cost robots system for...
Start year: 1999 - End year: 2001
Funder: CICYT
The main objective of this project is the development of the low-cost system formed by several 4 DOF climbing robots for inspection and maintenance tasks in complex 3D environments, usually metallic- or reinforced cement-based of big dimensions.
Analyse d'aspect automatique
Start year: 1998 - End year: 2008
Funder: PSA Peugeot Citroen
The PSA Peugeot Citröen collaboration goal is focused on two lines: teaching duties and a general technical support. Nowdays, colaboration is especified in the project Analyse d'Aspect Automatique, consisting of an automatic classifier of defects.
Mobile manipulator Otilio development
Start year: 1996 - End year: 2001
Funder: UC3M
The experimental platform Otilio is based on mobile robot and 6 DOF manipulator. The robot?s control system is on-board with possibility to perform several tasks: autonomous navigation, force/torque control and coordination with humans in pieces transport
Multifunctional self-supported climbing robot able to travel in...
Start year: 1995 - End year: 1998
Funder: CICY
The main objective of the ROMA 1 project is the development of multifunctional autonomous self-supported climbing robot able to travel into complex 3D metallic-based environments by using two grippers that adaptively grasp different beams and columns.