Assistive Robots
Updated: 17 February 2023 - 5:45pm by C. Balaguer

Assistive robot is one of the most promise robotic application in near future. Since 2000, Robotics Lab developes a robot for disable and elderly people assistant (MATS), general interactive intelligent assistant (PRA), and general humanoid assistant (Rh-

During the last years the rehabilitation technology is developing towards more flexible and adaptable robotic systems. These robots aim at supporting disable and elderly people with special needs in their home environment. Furthermore, most advanced countries are becoming to be aging societies, and the percentage of people with special needs is already significant and due to grow.

Since 2000, Robotics Lab is involved in different projects related to the increasing of the quality of life in different social sectors. Some of them are focused in the design and development of service and humanoid robots, and other in oral communication, human-machine interfaces based on emotional behaviours and visual object recognition.

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