Updated: 19 December 2014 - 12:59pm by M.A. Salichs
The activity of the Robotics Lab in relation to Aerospace is focused in two completely different areas: visual navigation of autonomous satellites and simulation of some general systems of the Eurofighter Aircraft.
The development of autonomous robotic spacecrafts that could automatically find a satellite, maneuver around it and eventually realize mainteance missions atract the interest of different space agencies.
NASA's Autonomous Rendezvous Technology spacecraft will be tested in the DART project. DART's mission is to see if a robot can handle a task NASA previously has trusted only to astronauts: linking up two spacecraft in orbit.

The Robotics Lab is working in collaboration with GMV company to develop a visual navigation system for autonomous satellites (RISANAR project).

The Robotics Lab is now beginning a new project subcontracted by EADS-CASA  to simulate some general systems of the Eurofighter Aircraft and the integration of this simulation in the tests bank SEAD3.

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