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Maggie is a personal social robot built by the Robotics Lab (University Carlos III of Madrid). It is a research platform to study human robot interaction and robot intelligence and autonomy.

Hello! my name is Maggie and everybody says that I am a very funny and clever robot. I was born in spring 2005. My fathers and mothers (oh yes, I have many of them!) say that my creation was a very hard process. It took almost two years. Here are some photos.

I am 1.4 m high. I can move my body, arms, head and eyes; and I can talk and recognise voice. I have many sensors: IR, US and laser range finders; TV cameras and tactile sensors on my body.

People can communicate with me by talking, using gestures and also touching me. I also have a touching screen on my chest.

I am very young and my skills are still very limited, but my parents are working hard to give me new capacities.

I am a personal robot. That means that I am a robot created to be close to people, to entertain and help them.

I love playing. My first public mobile casino no deposit required presentation took place in Campus Party 2005 and was broadcasted by many TV channels (see movies).

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