Updated: 5 December 2016 - 7:51pm by C. Balaguer

ASIBOT is portable assistive robot for elderly and disease people bringing more freedom in daily tasks as eating, drinking, shaving, make up, tooth cleaning, etc. The robot is under experimentation in the National Hospital of Paraplegics in Toledo.

ASIBOT is a manipulator robot with 5 DOF, about 10 kg of weight, 1.3 m of reach and 2 kg of payload. The feature that makes the robot unique is the fact that all the control system is on-board. It needs only 24V external power supply for start working. This is why the robot is totally portable with the weigh and size (after homing) that permit them to be transported, for example, as a hand bag in the airplanes.

The robot has a symmetrical structure and is equipped with special conical connectors in each tip. This configuration makes them able to climb between static and very simple docking stations situated in the environment. The climbing ability of the ASIBOT transforms them in a mobile robot able to moves in domestic and office structural environments.

The robot applications are oriented mainly to domestic assistive task for elderly and disease people. The robot has inside each tip conical connector the three fingers (with 8 flanges) gripper to manipulate different objects or tools. The applications that had been tested in real environments and with real patients are: eating, drinking, shaving, make up, tooth cleaning, etc. The robot is under testing in the National Hospital for Tetraplegics in Toledo now. Applications videos. Open Source repository.

The robot HMI is based on the wireless PDA which has implemented different types of interaction: by joystick connected to the PDA, by touch pad, by pen, by simple switches or by voice. Users can able to select different type of interaction depends on their abilities.

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