Visual human-robot interaction
Updated: 19 December 2014 - 12:03pm by M.A. Salichs
The robot needsto develop the humans communication skills in order to allow itsinteraction with them. One of these human skills is the human visionsystem,here we present our system called <em>Cognitive </em><em>Emotive</em><em>Visual System</em>.

Emotive Visual System

"The intelligent glance acts in the following way:  it anticipates,
 it prevents,
it uses information already known, it recognizes,it interprets"
 (Jose A. Marina, ?La Tª de la inteligencia creadora?)

Why we call it Cognitive vision?
Because in the human vision the knowledge plays a important role, we anticipate, we use previously acquired information, we use information from the knowledge we have of the environment, we recognize, we interprete. Human vision is a intelligent vision not limited by the data obtained from the physical reaction after a visual stimulus, it also incorporates a serie of mechanisms that try to assure that all the knowledge, as much as the internal (of the own observer) as the knowledge of the environment, is used .

Why we call it Emotive vision?
Because the affective states play a very important role in many aspects of the human activity and above all in the interaction with others. The fact of including emotional assessment in an artificial vision system adds additional information that can explain behaviors that could not be understood without the affective factor. Therefore if we want to equip the robot with the communication skills of humans the vision system will need to consider the incorporation of a mechanism of visual assessment of emotions.

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