Hybrid NeuroProsthetic and NeuroRobotic Devices for Functional Compensation and...
Start year: 2010 - End year: 2015

The HYPER Project will focus its activities on new wearable neurorobotic (NR) and motor neuroprosthetic (MNP) systems that will combine biological and artificial...

Appications of social robots
Start year: 2012 - End year: 2015

This Project is focused on the development of social robots. Several
scientific and technological themes of special interest for the
development of social robots are investigated. Those themes are, among...

Technologies for comprehensive fight against forest fires and for the...
Start year: 2010 - End year: 2014

PROMETEO (Technologies for comprehensive fight against forest fires and for the conservation of our forests) is a project partially supported by the Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), through...

Techologies for nuclear fusion
Start year: 2010 - End year: 2013
Funder: Comunidad de Madrid
Technofusión (the National Centre for Fusion Technologies) in the Madrid region, is conceived as the infrastructure required to develop the technologies needed infuture commercial...
Robotic cognitive assistant for persons with special needs
Start year: 2011 - End year: 2013
Funder: CICYT

The objective is the development of a new concept of assistential domestic robotic environment that will allow people with special needs to increase their capacity of manipulating different objects and to increase their...

Developmental pathway towards autonomy and dexterity in robot in-hand...
Start year: 2009 - End year: 2013
Funder: EU 7th Framework Programme

HANDLE is a Large-Scale Integrated Project funded by the EU within the 7th Framework Programme. The consortium is formed by nine partners from six EU countries: UPMC-coordinator-France, Shadow Robot Company-UK,

Learning and planning dexterous manipulation techniques for mobile manipulators
Start year: 2011 - End year: 2013
Funder: CICYT

This project is focused on researching about learning techniques and manipulation of objects and the development of a set arm-hand that allows robots to get progressively closer to handling capacities offered by the arm-...

Development of innovative robotics solutions
Start year: 2009 - End year: 2013
Funder: Arquimea Ingeniería S.L.

ARQUIMEA INGENIERÍA S.L.U. is a multinational company founded in 2005 as a spin-off of UC3M. The ARQUIMEA collaboration goal is to develop of innovative robotics solutions in a wide variety of applications.