Automatic grasping of piled parts from unstructured container
Start year: 2014 - End year: 2016
Funder: Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (RTC-2014-3070-5)

The PAPREC project, coordinated by Ixion Industry and Aeropace SL, intends to develop an integrated system that allows industrial robots to identify and...

Multi-Robot Cognitive Systems Operating in Hospitals
Start year: 2013 - End year: 2016
Funder: EU 7th Framework Programme

The MOnarCH project focus is on social robotics using networked heterogeneous robots and sensors to interact with children, staff, and visitors, engaging in edutainment activities in the pediatric infirmary at the...

Automatic detection of behavioral patterns in herring from sonar data in...
Start year: 2014 - End year: 2015
Funder: NILS Science and Sustainability programme