Autonomous mobile manipulator for operation in difficult environments
Start year: 2002 - End year: 2004
Funder: CICYT

The aim of the project is to develop an autonomous mobile manipulator able to operate efficiently in environments where human manipulation capabilities are required.

Flexible mechatronic assistive technology system to support persons with...
Start year: 2001 - End year: 2004
Funder: EU 5th Framework Programme

The MATS robot, developed in its entirety by the Robotics Lab of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid as part of the IST European Union project, aims to provide people  independence in their own home. The development of...

Satellite recognition and inspection via relative autonomous navigation
Start year: 2002 - End year: 2004
Funder: CICYT

This project deals with Satellite Autonomous Relative Navigation based on computer vision. It consists fundamentally in studying the solutions to the pertinent problems associated to autonomous relative navigation, aimed...

Innovative Educational Concepts for Autonomous and Teleoperated Systems
Start year: 1999 - End year: 2003
Funder: European Union - USA

IECAT is a tele-education project where seven universities in the United States and Europe co-operate to set up a virtual international laboratory for control experiments related to aerospace and robotics

Factory automation of pre-fab GRC pieces for construction industry
Start year: 2000 - End year: 2002
Funder: DRACE S.A. (ACS group)

The objective of the project was the automation of all the manufacturing process of the GRC pre-fab pieces factory: lay-out, transportation, spying, storage, etc. The daily operations are planned and supervised with...

Topological navigation of mobile robots
Start year: 2000 - End year: 2002
Funder: CICYT

The objective of this project was the development of an architecture for the control of mobile robots (Automatic-Deliberative ,AD) and its aplication to topological navigation.

Housing for Europe in the next century: Affordable, high quality homes for all
Start year: 1999 - End year: 2002
Funder: EU 5th Framework Programme

The FutureHome project is part of the global R&D program IMS (EU + Japan + Canada). The project had the objective of development a modular robotics construction technology for residential housing. The On-site robotics...

Mobile manipulator Otilio development
Start year: 1996 - End year: 2001
Funder: UC3M

The experimental platform Otilio is based on mobile robot and 6 DOF manipulator. The robot?s control system is on-board with possibility to perform several tasks: autonomous navigation, force/torque control and...