Programa de rehabilitación mediante serious games ASEPEYO-UC3M
Start year: 2019 - End year: 2020

The objective of this contract for ASEPEYO is to promote the development by UC3M of applications based...

Exoskeleton for Diagnosis and Assistance in Manipulation Tasks
Start year: 2016 - End year: 2019
Funder: MINECO
Robot for autonomous underground trenchless operations, mapping and navigation
Start year: 2017 - End year: 2019
Funder: European Union - HORIZON 2020
HumaSoft: Design and Control of Soft Links for Humanoid Robots
Start year: 2016 - End year: 2019
Funder: MINECO

The main objective of the HUMASoft project is the development of a new type of links to create softer humanoid robots that meet the characteristics of simplicity, accessibility and safety. These soft links may be used...

WRG Robots and Technology Cathedra
Start year: 2016 - End year: 2018
Funder: WRG S.L.

The cathedra focuses on the study and integration of robotics and technologies in leisure activities, cultural and sporting offer healthy activities for young people. The main objective is to tudy and development of...

Applied robotics to improve the quality of life of citizens in metropolitan...
Start year: 2014 - End year: 2018
Funder: Comunidad de Madrid

The RoboCity2030-III consortium of six Madrid´s region universities and leaded by UC3M is focusing in the development of new robotic technologies and applications to use in the everyday life of the citizens in...

Long-term stability assessment and monitoring of flooded shafts
Start year: 2015 - End year: 2018
Funder: Horizon 2020 EU project under RFSC program
RoboHealth-A: Development of assistive and rehabilitation robots for the...
Start year: 2014 - End year: 2017
Funder: CICYT