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Start:2007 / End:2010
Principal investigator: Carlos Balaguer
EU 6th Framework Programme
Technology innovation in underground construction

TunConstruct is 6FP European project as multi-disciplinary approach to promotes the development of technological innovation in underground construction. The role of the RoboticsLab is the development of robotic system for tunnels' inspection & maintenance

The project´s 41 partners, from 11 European countries, integrate not only the on-the-field engineering experience and technical know-how of the industry, but also the research capabilities and conceptual innovation of the academic sector.

TUNCONSTRUCT is fully committed to contributing to an increased quality of life for Europeans by reducing construction time and cost of planned and future underground infrastructures.

The project is co-financed by the European Commission, under its 6th framework program, which provides 54% of its 26 million Euro quadrennial budget. Coordination rests on the Graz University of Technology, Austria.

TUNCONSTRUCT relies on active industry participation for future impact of targeted results. For this reason, leaders of its four research and technical development sub-programs - Design, Technologies, Processes, and Services, - have a strong industry background. Likewise, each of the specific work packages has a person and an institution leading its research efforts.

Imagine the Europeans' cities wih undeground infrastructures:

? Dedicating extensive areas to parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities.

? Minimizing traffic obstructions and carbon monoxide contamination.

? Redirecting into productive and recreational activities, time previously wasted in slow-moving traffic.

TUNCONSTRUCT will contribute to congestion-free, greener and cleaner cities by reducing the cost and construction time of underground infrastructures.

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