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Start:2010 / End:2013
Principal investigator: Luis Moreno Lorente
Comunidad de Madrid
Techologies for nuclear fusion
Technofusión (the National Centre for Fusion Technologies) in the Madrid region, is conceived as the infrastructure required to develop the technologies needed infuture commercial fusion reactors.
The project outlined in this report describes the construction of a singular scientific and technological facility (the National Centre for Fusion Technologies - TechnoFusión) in the Madrid region, to create the infrastructure required to develop the technologies needed in future commercial fusion reactors, and to assure the participation of Spanish research groups and companies. The future commercial production of electricity based on thermonuclear fusion requires the development of a number of research projects in addition to ITER, mostly related to the development of long-term technologies needed for future fusion reactors. Among the priority areas identified in the framework of international fusion research programmes, it is projected to build a specific research centre for fusion technologies in Spain. The so-called National Centre for Fusion Technologies, TechnoFusión, will be equipped with a large number of top facilities for the fusion technological development. The research activities will be focused primarily on several areas, including the implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies, the evaluation of radiation effects on low activation structural and functional materials, the in-beam and out-beam characterization of materials, the development of robotics and automated systems for remote handling, studies of liquid metal technologies and computer simulation. Currently no similar facilities to TechnoFusión exist, so it will provide more realistic tests than those available in other facilities up today, helping in the fast track to DEMO and IFMIF. RoboticsLab participates in remote handling (RH) applications. The principal objective is to create a facility where tele-robotic tasks for the maintenance and repair of nuclear fusion installations (ITER, DEMO, and IFMIF) can be developed and tested.

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