Updated: 13 May 2015 - 12:12am by R. Barber
Start:2010 / End:2011
Principal investigator:
Comunidad de Madrid - UC3M
Software implementation of structure skills for personal robots

The project is focused on the development of software components that allows the integration of software and hardware in Mobile Robots.

This project arises from the need to develop new software that allows the integration of proper developments in a simple way in order to support control premises independently of the hardware. Once hardware and software problems related to control at low level in platforms are solved, it is necessary to develop a software architecture that allows the integration of the abilities of the robot under the premises of a control architecture that, in our case, is an architecture in two levels of abstraction, automatic and deliberative (AD) levels.

Therefore, the objective of this research focuses on:

- Analysis of new software possibilities for the development of robot abilities under the premises of an AD architecture.

- Functional software implementation that fulfills the specifications of the robot control architecture. - As a demonstrator, the implementation of two abilities that work fully integrated in the robot Maggie.

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