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Start:2014 / End:2018
Principal investigator: Carlos Balaguer
Comunidad de Madrid
Applied robotics to improve the quality of life of citizens in metropolitan areas

The RoboCity2030-III consortium of six Madrid´s region universities and leaded by UC3M is focusing in the development of new robotic technologies and applications to use in the everyday life of the citizens in metropolitan areas, such as Assistive, medical and rehabilitation robots; Social robots for citizens; Field robots: inspection, maintenance and construction; Search and rescue robots for natural and artificial disasters; Robots for environmental protection, pollution control and agriculture; Autonomous robotic vehicles for urban environments.

The consortium for the RoboCity2030 programme is the largest robotics consortium in Spain and one of the largest also in Europe. It consists of more than 100 researchers from seven leading institutions: 6 universities (UC3M, UPM, UAH, URJC, UNED) and 2 research centres (CSIC and IMDEA Materiales). The groups are highly experienced at the international level, and are currently participating in 13 European projects in the field of robotics. The members are also highly coordinated, as can be seen from the large number of joint projects and publications. Finally, it should be mentioned that the strong synergies achieved in the consortium over the last years are also one of its greatest assets, and which guarantees the continued success of the programme.

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