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Start:2006 / End:2009
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Madrid Community
Service robots upgrading urban standards of living

The RoboCity2030 is a coordinated project of six major researcher labs of the Madrid Community. It is coordinated by RoboticsLab and deals with the integration of service robots in order to increase the citizens?quality of live in urban areas.

The RoboCity2030 project is coordinated by RoboticsLab of the University Carlos III of Madrid. The consortium is formed by six major robotics research teams of Madrid and is part of the Madrid Community (CM) program for macro research teams of excellence. Among 53 selected projects (from hundreds submitted) the RoboCity2030 project is in the top ten with financial support of about 1 M?. The project consortium is formed by: 

  • RoboticsLab: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) 
  • CSIC Robotics group: Instituto de Automática Industrial (IAI) 
  • Coordinated groups of Robotics: Universidad Politécnica in Madrid (UPM) 
  • Vision and Assistive Robotics group: Universidad de Alcalá (UAH) 
  • Robotics group: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJ) 
  • Artificial Vision and Robotics group: UNED 

The objective of the program is to develop an innovative integration of the two main application areas of service robots in urban areas: indoor and outdoor environments. The core for the development of Service Robots is focused on people, their benefit, standards of living and their advantage.

The outdoor applications are aimed to study the effect of service robots on infrastructures and urban roads where people move around in their daily life. Applications, such as construction, maintenance, inspection, surveillance of streets, bridges and buildings are taken into account. Security and well being of these infrastructures are crucial for the society.

As for the indoor applications, the objective is to ease living standard and make it more comfortable. It also aims to simplify the manner of living in inhabitable environments such as houses or offices. These application groups are intended for the elderly, children and disable people, who often need constant care in hospitals, homes and schools. RoboCity2030.

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