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Start:2006 / End:2009
Principal investigator: Carlos Balaguer
EU 6th Framework Programme
Industrialised, Integrated, Intelligent Construction

I3CON (6FP EU IP project under NMP priority) objective is the research in innovative & intelligent building systems by using control, automation, embedded sensing and ambient intelligence technologies by creating new predictive services over buildings.

I3CON will enable the transformation towards a sustainable European construction industry delivering Industrially produced, Integrated processes and Intelligent building systems using distributed control systems with embedded sensors, wireless connections, ambient user interfaces and autonomous controllers. New value based business models with highly specialised SMEs working in radically contracted supply chains will delivere high performance spaces, smart business services and lifecycle solutions.

I3CON?s objective-driven approach: a new approach for industrialised production of building components with integrated services and intelligence will be created. These building components will be sustainable, multifunctional, efficient, reusable, interoperable and user friendly. The underlying new business model will shift current working practices from custom designed and craft made delivery to industrial production. The new business processes will create lifecycle value to building-users. Ultra high performance buildings will be delivered 50% faster and 25% cheaper, with lifecycle cost reductions of >40% and savings in repair and maintenance in excess of 70% together with enhanced comfort and security. Breakthroughs: the major breakthrough innovations - in line with NMP objectives ? from transforming towards Industrially produced, Integrated processes and Intelligent building systems (I3CON) will be the following:

1) Performance based, value-adding business models and processes, through creation of a customer- and value-driven business model, and branding of components and systems.

2) Integrated building operation systems and services, through fully integrated smart systems and cross-system functionality and integration, and reconfigurable, flexible and adaptable building space.

3) Industrial production of components and systems.

4) Lifecycle optimised building services and controls, through Self-optimisation of lifecycle services with integrated control systems and intelligent sensor technologies, and step reduction in energy consumption and waste production.

5) A virtual building model for collaborative building engineering.

The role of the RoboticsLab in tjis project will be the development of the I3CON-House Demonstrator for Research in Innovative & Intelligent Building Technologies Objectives. It will include the implementation of life experimentation of I3CON developed technologies by real-time monitoring & feedback of the house with leaving families; periodical changes of the families in order to adapt the house to different families profiles; modeling & identification of the house as a dynamical system with inputs, outputs and state variables; measurement & estimation of the house?s variables by a minimum number of sensors and by sensor fusion, and rmote maintenance & service (if possible) of the house installations. I3CON

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