Updated: 23 February 2022 - 11:43pm by C. Balaguer
Start:2021 / End:2023
Principal investigator: Carlos Balaguer
Benchmarking Humanoid Locomotion and Standing Performances during Dynamic Autonomous Bi-Manipulation of Objects
The project focusses on a whole-body humanoid robot stability during the dual standing manipulation. The robot balance with/without holding a box of unknown weight during its motion among the shelfs with slippery floor.
The technical purpose of this project is to benchmark existing and new adaptive whole-body controllers developed for the humanoid robot TEO1,2. The development of these controllers is based on different bioinspired techniques such as axes Fractional-PID controllers and dynamically adaptative LIRM, that need rich experimental data to be improved. The target scenarios of this proposal are i) the standing moving surface testbed (COMTEST) and ii) the standing during manipulation among shelfs testbed. They provide the appropriate environment to improve the general whole-body stability control algorithms and to benchmark the performance in different situations during standing manipulation.

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