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Dr. Jose M. Pardos-Gotor, Ph.D. Ribera del Loira 60, Madrid, Spain, 28042 Tel: +34 912 134 016 - Mobile: +34 625 606 337 - email: josem.pardos@endesa.es 2005 Ph.D. - DOCTOR's Degree in Electrical, Electronic & Automation Engineering. Qualification - Distinction cum Laude for unanimity of the court. University Carlos III of Madrid. 2008 Master?s Certificate in Project Management. The George Washington University. 2002 Master ? Corporate Finance Program. LBS ? London Business School. 1999 MASTER?s Degree in INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING. Intensification in Automation and Electronics, with Distinction in Final Thesis. E.T.S.I.I. ? Polytechnic University of Madrid. 1989 BACHELOR?s Degree in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Qualification of Distinction, and awarded first prize in IBERCAJA?s contest for the best final year projects. University of Zaragoza. English Very High level (Three years of living in the United Kingdom). German Intermediate level. French Basic level. Italian Basic level. 2008 Secretary and Coordinator or the PTECO2 & AECO2 ? Spanish Platform and Association of CO2. 2007 Member of the Technology Taskforce of the European Technology Platform on Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants (ETP ZEP). 2006 PMI ? Project Management Institute Member. 2005 IEEE ?The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Member. 2001 Certified TRADER: EEX (Germany), Powernext (France) y APX (Netherlands). 1988 Company: Polytechnic School ? University of Zaragoza (Zaragoza - SPAIN). Post: Grant Holder. Responsibilities: Assembly and start up of a LAN (Ethernet with Sun - WorkStation), installation of SOLO-1200 programmed for ASIC. 1989 Company: TELTRONIC S.A. (Zaragoza - SPAIN). Position: RESEARCH ENGINEER. Responsibilities: Development of telecommunication projects in the of Digital Electronics R&D Department, - Design of phones and computers -. 1990 / 1994 Company: ENDESA - Andorra Power Station (Teruel - SPAIN). Position: HEAD OF OPERATIONS. Responsibilities: To lead the team of technical staff and operators of a shift (96 employees), meet production goals and optimizing the production. Manage the O&M for three units (1050MW Total). 1993 Company: NATIONAL POWER - Pego Power Station (PORTUGAL). Position: PRODUCTION ENGINEER. Responsibilities: Development of procedures, start up and operation of the power station (300MW). To Draft the PROJECT FINANCE reports. 1995 Company: BABCOCK WILCOX - Mejillones Power Station (CHILE). Position: HEAD OF START UP OPERATIONS. Responsibilities: To lead the start up and operation of the power unit (300MW), trough the Completion Tests, until the final receipt of the plant. It was a success in correcting previous accumulated planning delay in this turn-key project. 1996 / 2000 Company: ENDESA S.A. ? Electrical Markets Direction (Madrid - SPAIN). Position: HEAD OF SECTION - ENERGY CONTROL CENTRE. Responsibilities: Technical Analysis of Electrical Systems: (45 units, 35 systems, 6 regional offices), control and supervision of power, production and grids. Economic management of liberalized electrical markets: (Day ahead, Intraday, balancing, ancillary services); strategies, analysis of results and reporting. 2001 / 2004 Company: MORGAN STANLEY ? ENDESA EUROPA (London ? UNITED KINGDOM). Position: DIRECTOR OF ENERGY MOVEMENTS. Responsibilities: Management of electricity physical portfolio for the markets across Europe (i.e., France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Poland and U.K): physical supply to clients, OTC, spot markets (EEX, LPX, APX, POWERNEXT). Relationship with TSO: Balancing responsible contracts, notifications, scheduling, nominations. Deployment of a EUROPEAN ENERGY CONTROL CENTRE: Staff (International Team), Tools, Strategy and Operations. 2005/ 2009 Company: ENDESA ? TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION (Madrid ? SPAIN). Position: DEPUTY DIRECTOR for GENERATION and MARKETS. Responsibilities: ENDESA?s Corporative R&D Project Management Office (European and Latin-American): Innovation Strategy, Technology Plans, Tools and global reporting. Development of the TECHNOLOGY INTELLIGENCE Unit: Infrastructure, Methodologies and Tools (Analysis, Markets, Technological Surveillance and Alertness). Technology and Innovation NETWORKING: Universities, Research Centers, Administrations, Competitors and Suppliers (e.g., International NOVARE prizes for R&D projects in Energy). Corporate R&D Projects Portfolio Management (Focus on Economic Value): Global Projects Follow-up, Financial Analysis for Projects and Portfolio (Real Options, Risks, Strategic Value, NPV?), Portfolio Design, Projects Selection and Definition. Available on request.
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