Prof. Carlos Balaguer presents the future the Humanoid robot at the recently held in Madrid 1st international Global Robot Expo ( He presents the recent advances in Humanoid Robots, the highest exponent of modern robotics. Currently they are full-size and can perform...
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29 January 2016
Javier González-Quijano presented in January, 25th, 2016 his PhD Thesis. Its title is Model-based motor control learning in robotics. The advisor of the thesis were Veronique Perdereau and Mohamed Abderrahim. The examining committee was formed by Antonio Barrientos, Fares Jawad Moh D Abu-Dakka and...
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26 January 2016
Our colleague Miguel González-Fierro has been granted with the Oustanding Thesis Award from the UC3M. He presented his PhD Thesis defense on October 2014. Its title is Humanoid Robot Control of  Complex Postural Tasks based on Learning from Demonstration. The directors of the thesis were...
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6 January 2016
A recently published short film with the collaboration of the UC3M Robotics Lab, the Office of Scientific Information (UC3M) and the Arts Center at UC3M (and the support of the FECYT, MINECO) is starring our robot Maggie. La Conciencia Dormida, The sleeping consciousness,is the title of this...
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27 December 2015