The team formed by Juan G Victores, David Estévez, Víctor Díaz and Ignacio Montesino won the third prize in the Ferrovial-Ennomotive Challenge at the Global Robot Expo with their robot NECRO. This small autonomous mobile robot had to overcome many obstacles in a work-simulated environment (small-...
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10 February 2017
The Kick-off-Meeting of the HORIZON 2020 project BADGER (Robot for Autonomous underground trenchless operations, mapping and navigation) was held on 16-17th January in Madrid. This is one of the few funded projects in the last LEIT ICT 25 2016 Call (7,4% of success). The RoboticsLab of the...
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18 January 2017
Last November 22 HispaRob, the Spanish Robotics Plattform, held a Robotics Day at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. The Robotics Lab participated in many parts of the program of this event including workshops and exhibition of robots. Also several students participated as volunteers in this day...
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30 November 2016
David Álvarez Sánchez presented in November, 2nd, 2016 his PhD Thesis. Its title is Planning and estimation algorithms for human-like grasping. The advisors of the thesis were Luis Moreno and Santiago Garrido. The examining committee was formed by Raul Suarez, Pedro Lima and Carlos Balaguer. He...
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20 November 2016