The distribution list at is correctly working since today. It is very easy to use, write info and then send it to all RoboticsLab members. But please, be careful on the info you will send, the list is non-moderated. For any (easy) question, please contact Carlos...
Submited by F. Royo
24 November 2004
The first beta version of the Robotics Lab web site has been delayed 2 days. It will be ready on Nov. 24nd
Submited by F. Royo
23 November 2004
Maceo Parker is one of the best funky saxophonist, being the James Brown's saxo for a long time. This concert will be memorable and just for 24?. Just talk to me for more info about a good funky and dancing evening.
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11 November 2004
Everybody is working very hard at the roboticslab to create the new Web Site. First beta version will be ready on Nov. 22nd.
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9 November 2004