IROS2020 Tutorial Review on screw theory & geometric robot dynamics is being organized by J. M. Pardos y Alberto Jardón ( <br>
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8 June 2020
In collaboration with most of the Madrid’s hospitals and healthcare centres, we have manufactured more than 1.200 full-face shields (PPE) to fight against the COVID-19. Our “factory” has more 30 3D printers and numerous volunteers (due to the contribution of other departments, workers and students...
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14 April 2020
Last Tuesday December 10th we celebrated the evento Robótica e Inteligencia Artificial: Retos y nuevas oportunidades (Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and new opportunities). The event was held at the ETSII of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and its opening was carried out by...
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16 December 2019
The eleventh International Conference on Social Robots (ICSR'2019) will be held in Madrid during 26-28th November 2019. It is organized by RoboticsLab of UC3M. It brings together researchers and practitioners working on the interaction between humans and intelligent robots and on the integration of...
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18 October 2019