Recently the webpage of the COMPANION-CM project has been launched: COMPANION-CM is a synergistic project funded by the “Comunidad de Madrid”, with reference Y2020/NMT-6660, in the framework of the 2020 call for synergistic R&D interdisciplinary projects...
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31 May 2022
With the aim of closing gaps at the Ibero-American level in the use of robotic technology in healthcare, LatamnovaTECH is organising IARX2022 Ibero-American Symposium on Robotic Rehabilitation, which will be held from 23-26 May 2022, via free streaming. Currently, there are 2.4 billion people in...
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13 May 2022
José Carlos Castillo has patented (as co-author) a method to reduce energy losses in solar thermal power plants. Link.
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12 May 2022
During the Academic Act of Saint Joseph, patron saint of the School of Industrial Engineering of the University of Extremadura, Concha Monje gave a lecture on soft robotics.
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4 May 2022