The Artificial Muscles research group will present a paper on the Annual Symposium on Microtechnologies for the New Millenium, Conference on SMART SENSORS, ACTUATORS, AND MEMS II
Submited by F. Royo
29 April 2005
A paper from the Artificial Muscles research group has been accepted at the Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation. Towards Mechanically Active Engineered Body Parts: Artificial Muscles for Prosthetics and Orthotics.
Submited by F. Royo
25 April 2005
The paper entitled ?Climbing Robot?s Mobility for Inspection and Maintenance of 3D Complex Environments? by C. Balaguer, A. Gimenez and A. Jardon has been published in Autonomous Robots journal (Springer Science) in volume 18, number 2 (March 2005), pages 157 ? 169 (
Submited by F. Royo
17 April 2005
The Spanish magazine ?Actualidad Economica? (Economics News) published in its issue nº 2.439 (March 17th, 2005) an article about the RoboticsLab?s robot ASIBOT working in office environment ( The article describes the experience of using the ASIBOT...
Submited by F. Royo
18 March 2005