Miguel Salichs participated in the V GMV Robotics Day held in San Sebastian de los Reyes on November, 25th. Professor Salichs showcased some aspects of the current state of robotics technology and its many applications. The event formed part of the European Robotics Week (23- 29 November, 2015)...
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2 December 2015
Víctor González Pacheco presented in November, 27th, 2015 his PhD Thesis. Its title is Interactive and Active Learning in Social Robots. The advisors of the thesis were Miguel Ángel Salichs and María Malfaz. The examining committee was formed by Concepción Monje, José María Sebastian and Rodrigo...
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30 November 2015
A interview with Professor Luis Moreno was recently published on the BBVA Innovation Center website. He emphasized that although countries are going to demand more robots, it won't result in a process for replacing people.You can access to the interview here.
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24 November 2015
Last October, 29th STAMAS 7FP project organized a workshop in the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. The last developments related to this project were presented. The aim of the STAMAS 7FP project is to develop an innovative exo-eskeleton for astronauts to improve exercising activities inside the...
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13 November 2015