Signage system for the navigation of autonomous robots in indoor environments [Online]
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
Vol 10
Number 1
First page 680
Last page 688

In many occasions people need to go to certain places without having any prior knowledge about the environment. This situation may occur when the place is visited for the first time, or even when there is not any available map to situate us. In those cases, the signs of the environment are essential for achieving the goal. The same situation may happen for an autonomous robot. This kind of robots must be capable of solving this problem in a natural way. In order to do that, they must use the resources present in their environment. This paper presents a RFID-based signage system, which has been developed to guide and give important information to an autonomous robot. The system has been implemented in a real indoor environment and
it has been successfully proved in the autonomous and social robot Maggie. At the end of the paper some experimental results, carried out inside our university building, are presented.