Robotic autonomous systems for earthmoving in military applications
Automation in Construction
Vol 107
First page 102934
Last page 102953

Along with increasing innovations in frontier engineering sciences, the advancement in Robotic Autonomous Systems (RAS) has brought about a new horizon in earthmoving processes for construction. In the military domain, there is also an increasing interest in utilising RAS technologies. In particular, ground-based forces are frequently called upon to conduct earthmoving tasks as part of military operations, tasks which could be partially or fully aided by the employment of RAS technologies. There have been rapid developments in military construction automation using high-mobility ground-based platforms, human-machine and machine-machine interfaces, teleoperation and control systems, data transmission systems, machine perception and manipulation capabilities, as well as advances in networked robotics and cyberphysical systems. Given these developments it is timely to undertake a comprehensive …