INT3-Horus: A Multilevel Framework for Intelligent Multisensor Monitoring and Activity Interpretation
Apto "Cum Laudem"

INT3-Horus is a modular framework which allows
its extension in accordance to the needs of the applications built from it. Therefore, the
framework allows the addition of new processing modules without great changes in the
internal code. The framework operates at several levels identified from monitoring frame-
works reviewed in the literature. Nevertheless, formalisms are included, such as ontologies
and metamodels to formalize the
INT3-Horus design.

INT3-Horus works with several sources of information, which motivates the addition
of fusion levels in the processing stack. Besides, the execution model of the framework is
proposed as hybrid, where a series of remote nodes are in charge of collecting information
and of low-level processing. In parallel, a central node is in charge of collecting information
coming from remote nodes, fusing it and performing high-level processing.

The internal design of the monitoring framework is based on the Model-View-Controller
paradigm, but adding some extensions to adapt it to
INT3-Horus requirements. More spe-
cifically, the
Common Model constitutes the key part of the framework infrastructure. The
Common Model implements two of the MVC components. On the one hand, the it houses
the data model, offering primitives for its management. On the other hand, the functio-
nality of the controller is also included: by preparing the framework for the execution and
managing the operation of the modules. The controller also allows the swapping of modules
in runtime. This enables the operation with the modules that provide a better performance
at any time. 

Universidad de Castilla La Mancha