ROBOHEALTH-A: Development of assistive and rehabilitation robots for the improvement of patient’s well-being
Spanish Robotics Conference

The increasingly high number of patients requiring medical care for physical or cognitive rehabilitation (post-traumatic, postoperative or ageing), entails a saturation level in the healthcare service. Intending to relief the problem described above, arose the RoboHealth-A project. The project is focused on helping medical staff to improve the quality of treatment provided to patients in rehabilitation processes. RoboHealth-A covers two aspects during rehabilitation: the functionality assessment of the patients and the therapy itself. At this project stage, an automatic assessment system based on the Box and Blocks Test (BBT) of manual dexterity was designed. Also, several Serious Games were developed, considering appropriate therapeutic movements. Finally, a robotic therapy system based on a robot arm is addressed. In this article, the above systems are described and the results obtained at this project stage are summarized.

Libro de actas de las Jornadas Nacionales de Robótica 2017
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