HIMTAE: Sistema heterogéneo multirobot para ayuda de personas mayores en un ambiente asistido en el hogar
XII Jornadas Nacionales de Robótica, CEA

This paper presents the design of a heterogeneous multi-robot system
consisting of a small mobile robot to monitor the well-being of elderly
people living alone at home and suggest activities to improve their
mood, and a domestic mobile manipulator robot to help them perform tasks
requiring manipulation. All of this is integrated into Ambient Assisted
Living (AAL), which incorporates, in addition to the robots, a set of
low-cost home-automation sensors, a medical device such as an activity
bracelet and an Android application for studying the mood with the
possibility of proposing emotional coaching activities to the person
living alone. The heterogeneous system has been integrated using ROS,
IoT technologies such as Node-RED and the Home-Assistant home automation
platform. This project is currently in its last phase in a funded
national project “Retos de la Sociedad”

ISBN 978-84-09-41095-8
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